"While I was in Sweden at an evangelistic event called Awakening Europe, I stood in front of thousands of people and saw stadium events spring forth all throughout America. The first place I saw was Portland. Already then, I knew that what I saw would not just be an event, but a movement...."

We believe that there will be an impartation for the spreading of the Gospel in America at Compassion to Action: Portland 2018. We have a vision of unifying the body of Christ as we rally around the cross. We want to be a strength to the Church and help train and equip the body to fulfill the Great Commission and to see those who come to Jesus become disciples that go and make disciples. Together, we will reach millions for Jesus!  

- Chris Overstreet


compassion to action PORTLAND begins in...









Main Event Schedule

Wed, Sep. 19th

6:00pm - Lindy Conant & The Circuit Riders
7:00pm – Session 1 - Chris Overstreet

Thurs, Sep. 20th

9:30am - Jeremy R. & Steffany G.
10:15am – Session 2 - Marilyn Hickey
2:00pm - Upper Room
2:45pm –Session 3 - Lisa Bevere
7:00pm - Jake Hamilton
8:00pm – Session 4 - Todd White

Fri, Sep. 21st

9:30am - Jake Hamilton
10:15am – Session 5 - Bill Johnson
2:00pm - Upper Room
2:45pm – Session 6 - Robby Dawkins (City Outreach)
7:00pm - Jeremy R. & Steffany G.
8:00pm –Session 7 - Daniel Kolenda

sat, Sep. 22nd

9:30am - Worship Band TBD
10:15am – Session 8 - Ben Fitzgerald
11:30am – Session 9 - Richie Seltzer, Mattie Montgomery (City Outreach)
7:00pm - Jeremy R. & Steffany G.
8:00pm – Session 10 - Reinhard Bonnke



Oregon Convention Center, Portland ,777 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd,Portland, OR 97232

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Be a part of the preperation...

The heart behind the pre-events is to rally around the cross of Jesus Christ, for He alone has the power to save! The purpose of the pre-events is for us to pray and worship together and to train and equip those that will be a part of Portland 2018. 


The 1500

Discipleship challenge

Compassion to Action Portland 2018 is not just a one time event for Portland, but we want to see this generation rise up to be disciple makers.  In our recent vision meeting for this event, the challenge for our Portland leaders was to raise up 1500 disciple-makers.  We have a heart to see cities transformed and we challenge you to make a commitment to disciple at least one person a year.  Will you commit?


Become a Partner

Our partnerships are with churches, businesses, faith -based organizations and schools. Our partners help increase the achievement of our mission to fulfill the great commission and amplify our vision to reach millions for Jesus!