testimonies from the event


Ruth from Oregon

I have had chronic pain in my body since I was a teenager. Today, during the afternoon session, I was jumping during worship and began to experience a lot of pain in my right elbow, right ankle and left knee. I stopped jumping and was being very careful the rest of the worship time due to the pain. After Lisa Bevere spoke, there was a call to lay hands on the sick part of our bodies. I laid one hand on my ankle and the other on my knee. As I was praying, I didn’t feel anything immediately. However, as I finished praying, I felt a soothing, comforting sensation over those areas of my body. I began to test my body by jumping, which I couldn’t do before because of the pain and felt ABSOLUTELY NO PAIN! ALL PAIN WAS GONE! HALLELUJAH!

Martha from Portland, OR

I came to the Portland 2018 event in a lot of severe pain in my back, hips and right arm from a fall I had on a treadmill on June 3rd. It’s a miracle that I was even able to come because of the amount of constant pain I had. I was unable to walk up/down stairs. I could only crawl. Every step I took would be excruciating. I would have to pause, take a deep breath and continue on very slowly. Medicine, chiropractors, acupuncture—nothing was helping. I kept declaring Scripture over my body, but somehow, nothing seemed to be helping. Yesterday, during the very first session, Todd White came out and began speaking about healing. As he began declaring the finished work of the Cross, I just felt my faith arise as I realized that the enemy is such a liar! We then began to shout the name of JESUS, and in that moment, the pain in my back, hips, and right arm left! Glory to God! Not only that, but I had been extremely low on energy and after that service, I just felt that my energy levels were completely restored and refreshed! I am so grateful to God and can’t wait to see what else He does during these next few days!

Amanda from Greshem

I went up for an altar call in the Friday morning meeting. I have had a lifelong diagnosis of scoliosis, a 45-degree curve. I experienced a remarkable lessening of the twist of the spine. My right arm started tingling, and a big bulge visible on the top of my spine has shrunk visibly as testified by my mother.  I will pursue a doctor’s examination. 

David from Greshem

Last night I came for the evening service, and the speaker was talking about being filled with the Holy Spirit and he was asking people to go to front. There were a lot of people up there so I just went to the aisle. My prayer was, “God, I just want more of you.” I put my hands up in the air and started praying and I began to feel like an energy going through my body. I had ten to fifteen people praying for me at one time. I had so much energy going through my body. I fell. No one caught me, and I just hit the ground. When I came up, I felt different. This peace, this weight. Some lady was praying while I was receiving prayer, and she had a vision that I had back pain, like discs out of place. She prayed for me though she said she believed when I was slain in the Spirit I was healed. When I woke up this morning, my back and hips were fine, nothing felt out of place. I did not come expecting God to move, and I just surrendered, and I feel like God heard my prayer last night. I came right after we hit the streets. My neck was hurting all day, and I do not know why. One guy that was going out with us said, “Does your neck hurt?” I said yes. He said God put the burning fire in his neck and God told him someone had pain, and he prayed, and it went away. I’m just coming expecting greatness today. God is going to do something through me, my wife and our heart for people.

Misty from Sherwood, OR

I’ve had lots of surgeries, about 20, for lots of different things. I was in an abusive relationship for a long time. I was expecting four more surgeries coming up: a complete knee replacement in my right knee, surgery on the left knee for a torn ACL and meniscus, and right and left ankles for tendons on both sides. I had extreme lower back pain to the point that I’d had three surgeries on it already. I could not walk more than ten or fifteen feet without a walker. For anything more than 20 feet, I needed my wheelchair. This has been really bad for six years.

Yesterday I arrived in a wheelchair. I received prayer last night. I was not 100% so I came back for more. The only thing that I need more for is my right knee. Last night when I was healed, I was able to stand up on my tippy toes. I was able to rotate both my ankles in both directions. Anything more than slight movement like that would make me scream before. My left knee would go out to the left and my right knee would go literally backwards. I have had seven surgeries on that knee, and that’s why they wanted to replace it. I was waiting for enough money to build a ramp at my modular home. On a bad day, I would have to drag myself in.

Last night I was able to jump and straighten my right leg, which I had not been able to straighten in six years. My lower back hurt so bad. I had had three surgeries on it. It hurt so bad, it was literally crippling. I would walk in a shuffle. I took my braces off last night. I had huge metal braces that went from my shin to my thigh and on both ankles to keep me from falling over. I was either in a walker or wheelchair to move around for six years. People praying for me told my 12-year-old son to pray for me, too. When I ran, the people and the music seemed to go away. I had a feeling of love and peace that I had not felt in so long.

The guy that was praying for me kept asking how it felt and because it still hurt, he kept praying and believing. He told me to start walking and jumping, and as I did that, he said, I would be healed. I did something I had not done in a minimum of six years: I ran. I ran all around the back of the building to the exit sign. I came back and people were asking me, “Didn’t you come in a wheelchair?” All I could think was, “I want to grab my kids and run with them!” We went behind the bleachers, and I raced my children. My 12-year-old said, “I don’t remember you ever running with me.”

I know I am healed. When I woke up, I knew I was healed in the name of Jesus. I am waiting to be able to kneel on both knees. I want to kneel before my heavenly Father so badly. I am here for completion. I know that.

I feel so much peace. I told the kids not to tell my husband. I wanted to surprise him. He asked what happened. He said, “You’re moving differently.” He noticed there was something different about me. “What happened last night?” I said I wanted to show him. My husband saw me run by the house, and he was in shock. At first it did not register with him what was happening. My son said, “Dad, Mom is healed! I ran with her last night.”

Daniel from Yacolt (11 years old)

We were at the Waterfront Park for outreach yesterday (Friday, 9-21-2018).  I saw a guy on a bench and walked up to him. I held out the Jesus at the Door Card and asked if he had seen the picture on the front before and if he prayed. He said no. I went through the card and he gave his life to the Lord. The man next to him also gave his life to the Lord.

A man from Oregon

The last six months of my life have been very difficult. I relapsed on drugs and alcohol. Last week I had been tormented, and my mind was absolute mush. I couldn’t even formulate a sentence. Yesterday morning (Friday, 9-21-2018) when Bill Johnson gave an alter call for healing, I went up. A woman prayed that I would have a renewed mind, along with some other prayers, and I received total mental clarity and peace. It was instant, like someone snapping their fingers, a complete 180. Later that night when Todd White did an alter call, I rededicated my life to Jesus! I couldn’t even read before, and now I’ve been reading my Bible for the past few days! THANK YOU, JESUS!

Doug and Bev from Napa Vine

My husband and I had an incredible time on outreach yesterday (Friday, 9-21-2018). We were part of a team that went to Lloyd Center. There we approached a young man standing out front and asked if we could pray with him and if he had any pain in his body. He said he had injured his back and couldn’t work. Because of the injury, he had become addicted to pain medication and was actually on his way to buy more when we stopped him. The addiction also caused him to be separated from his wife and child. 

We prayed for all of these things, and I felt very strongly I was supposed to lead him to the Lord. Before I could ask, the other lady we were with asked him if he wanted to accept Jesus. He said yes and I was able to pray with him and had him repeat words the Holy Spirit gave me. He began wobbling back and forth and then went down on the ground in the Spirit. When he got back up, all the pain in his back was gone! We got to see this man saved, healed and delivered!

In addition to this man, we were able to pray with another family. We also prayed with a blind man who accepted Jesus into his life! I’ve been on a lot of outreaches but never seen so many people so open like this!

Jill from Portland

I had strong pain in my right knee since February. I went to several doctors and clinics that tried to help. Some things helped the pain a little, but it never completely went away. It stayed about a level 3 (out of 10) but would flare up to a 6 or 7 when I did certain things, like driving, or when I went to bed at night.

Thursday night during worship when they called for healing, I put my hands up. Several people came to pray for me, and someone came up behind me and said, “You have been healed.” They asked me if I felt any different, but I told them because the pain comes and goes, I couldn’t tell right away. 

However, that night when I went to bed, my knee didn’t hurt no matter which position I put it in. I got up later in the night to go to the bathroom, and it still didn’t hurt! My son found me dancing in the hallway. The next day I drove all the way up to Longview from Portland and my knee didn’t hurt at all!

This healing is especially precious to me because I recently found out my sister has cancer. My youngest sister died of cancer when she was 33. I had been questioning whether or not to even pray for healing since it didn’t seem to work for my youngest sister. But what I realized with my knee getting healed is that I hadn’t stopped and asked Jesus for healing. And though I hadn’t known the question to ask, I now knew the answer: Yes, you go to Jesus for healing. I prayed, along with my family, that my sister would be healed of cancer.

Lynette from Scappoose 

I have always had a serious fear of talking to people and evangelizing. It was so strong and I always just thought I was shy. Last night when Ben Fitz talked about fear, he asked everyone who was afraid to go up front. He prayed and my whole body started shaking. He then said if someone was manifesting they should “pray for the Spirit of fear to leave.” People around me prayed for me, and I shook and fell to the floor, weeping. Today when we went on outreach we went to Lloyd Center, and the fear was completely gone! I even chased down a man to pray for him!

Kevin from Richland, WA

I had diabetes, which caused my retina in my right eye to weaken and detach. I got it reattached at UW medical center with surgery, but my vision was far narrower than it used to be. While I was in Pioneer Courthouse Square, a man prayed for me, and my vision became wider! In addition, I thought I lost my phone, but a family found it and not only returned it to me but said they would come to the event tonight (Saturday, 9-22-2018)!

Kassandra from Warrenton, OR

I was always really scared to do outreach, but after Ben Fitz talked about fear last night (Friday, 9-21-2018) and we had the spirit of fear broken off, I was ready for outreach today (Saturday). We ended up in a coffee shop for lunch, and I felt God highlighted a lady who was standing in line to me. I was scared, but after another prompt from the Lord, I went over to talk to her. I got a word of knowledge and asked her if she did anything with design, interior design or architecture. She said, “No, I don’t know anything about any of that.” My word was completely wrong! Normally in outreach when that would happen, I would feel discouraged, but I didn’t this time. I just prayed a blessing over her life.

After I returned to the Convention Center, I was talking with a friend and another lady came up to me. I could tell she had experienced a rough life. We talked to her for quite a while and finally I asked if she wanted to accept Jesus into her life. She said yes! I was able to lead her to the Lord, and we prayed again, and she got filled with the Holy Spirit. That was the first time I ever got to lead someone to Christ. God is just amazing!

Itzel, Lucas, Ovyind (2nd year BSSM students)

These three had too many testimonies to share all of them – but here are three highlights.

Yesterday (Friday 9-21-2018) during outreach, we went to an area where the homeless were sleeping. We talked to a woman named Liz, and we asked if we could pray and give God’s peace to her, and she said yes. After we prayed, she had a shocked face and said she felt good. She said she knew God but didn’t pursue Him, so we asked if she wanted to rededicate her life to the Lord, and she said yes! After that we asked if we could pray for any physical healing. She said, “Yes, I have arthritis in my back–wait.” She tested her back and said, “It feels good; it felt good when you prayed for peace!”

We asked if there was anything else, and she told us her left leg from about the calf through the foot was completely numb. She had no feeling in it at all. We went to pray, but all three of us physically could not speak any words. While we were standing around her, she said, “I can feel my foot! I can feel my foot!” and started hopping around.

Also, yesterday at the same camp, we saw a man riding a bike. We were going to talk to him, but he told us “no thanks.” He came back later and saw us again and said, “God wants to talk to me.” He had pain in his back, which we prayed for, and nothing happened. We asked if we could pray again, and he told us, “I don’t want to dishonor God by praying twice.” He left and went into a building, and we thought that was the end of it. We saw him when he came back out and asked how his back was feeling. He said, “Oh I forgot. Oh look, it’s fine!”

Today (Saturday 9-22-2018) I  was walking around the Safeway in downtown Portland asking God to highlight someone. I went down the spice aisle, and there was a girl next to me. I said, “Wow so many spices.” She said, “I know, right?” and I was like, Haha, I got her now!

I told her I was here because I asked Jesus to highlight someone, and I shared a testimony from earlier where I had a word for someone. She told me she didn’t believe in Jesus but did believe in God. I got a word of knowledge and asked her if she was looking for deep friendship, and she said yes. I told her, “God will give that to you.” She started tearing up, and I shared my testimony of how lost I was in college and how I had an encounter and was completely changed.

I told her, “God sees you and has not abandoned you,” and shared the Gospel with her. I said, “You can have the same God who didn’t abandon me in your heart forever.” When I asked her if she wanted to accept Jesus in her life, she said yes and I was able to lead her to the Lord!

Sam from London

During outreach today (Saturday 9-22-2018) I saw five people grouped together in downtown Portland and went over to them and started talking to them about Jesus. They listened, but I could tell they were mocking me and laughing at me. I then told them my testimony and how I used to take cocaine in my previous life. They said they were fascinated and also took drugs themselves. I asked them if they wanted to encounter God. They were still mocking me at this point and said yes. I prayed for one, and his laughter just stopped. I said, you can feel God touching you, can’t you? He said yes. The whole group suddenly stopped laughing and encountered God. It was as if they had instantly become sober. One of them accepted Jesus into his life that night!

Paula from Washington (second year BSSM student)

A friend of mine from Seattle gave me money to come here and serve. She brought a friend, and as I was praying for her, the friend said to me, “I feel like I need to ask what do you need?” Jokingly I said, “A million dollars would be good,” but then I realized my tuition deadline is coming up this Wednesday. This woman got her checkbook and wrote me a check for $500 dollars!

Toni from Gresham

I’m a part of the discipleship team, and on the first night of the conference, two young sisters, about ages 11 and 13, came in and received Jesus into their lives. I was able to connect with them and get their contact information.

On the second night, they came in again and were baptized with the Holy Spirit. I noticed the older girl was pretty rigid, so I asked her about it. She told me her mother was very strict, and she ended up taking care of her family. She decided to forgive her family. I asked her what that meant to her. She said, “I forgive and forget.” I told her there’s a difference between getting over something and getting through something. She then got a picture from the Lord on how to forgive her family. Both girls said they felt warmth in their stomachs like things were being drawn out of them.

The third night, they came back again and brought two of their brothers and a friend. All three accepted Jesus for the first time!

Breanna Hill from Gresham, Oregon

I’m a BSSM alumna who was on the testimony team. I took down all the previous testimonies on this list, but couldn’t resist putting in an incredible one I got to be a part of on Friday night!

Friday night I went into worship super excited because I knew Jeremy and Stephanie were leading, and they are incredible. As I walked into the auditorium, I asked God if I was “on the clock,” or if I could just enjoy worship. He told me I was on the clock and to prepare to pray for people. I went to the very top of the stands in the volunteer section to worship while waiting for God to highlight someone.

As worship started, a young toddler and his brother began racing up and down the stairs. I didn’t pay much attention at first, but the toddler began getting closer and closer to me. Eventually, he picked up a piece of paper off the ground and handed it to me. I thanked him and put it on the seat next to me. The toddler then came back and grabbed my hand and pulled on it. At this point, I knew something was up, so I followed him down the stairs. He stopped next to a woman in the front row of the stands and then ran off, giggling. 

I told the woman, “Excuse me, ma’am, but I think I’m supposed to pray for you.” She was very grateful and told me she believed in healing and that her husband had already been healed. She said she had pain in both her knees and that other people had prayed for it already three times, but it was still there.

I prayed for her knees and had her stand up and test. She told me the pain in her left knee went down, but her right still hurt and that this was what had happened all the other times people had prayed.

As I took a moment to ask God what He wanted me to do, the little boy came back and grabbed my hand again, pulling on it. I told the woman, “I think I have to go right now, but I promise I’ll come back and pray for your knee.”

The toddler ran a few feet and came back with a crumpled McDonald’s bag filled with trash, which he handed to me. He then ran to the foot of the stairs, giggling, and pointed up to where I had been sitting, then sprinted around in a circle.

Immediately, I got a word of knowledge about what to do. I was to retrieve the piece of paper the boy handed me earlier, crumple it up, and take it to the woman. From there, I was supposed to ask her if she had anything in her life she wanted to throw away and have her toss it in the McDonalds bag as a prophetic act. Then her knees would be healed, and she’d run around like the little boy.

I grabbed the paper, took it to the woman, and explained the prophetic act. When I asked her if she had anything in her life she wished she could throw away, she looked shocked. I told her it would be something recent, and she started crying. Without going into too many details, she had two close family members, a man and a woman, that were living in sin and had refused to come to the conference with her. She was worried they were going to hell, and her heart was just breaking because she loved them so much. I got a picture of Jesus holding her and her two family members in His hands and asked her if she could see it. She said yes. I then asked her where Jesus was in the picture and what He was saying.

She broke down and told me, “He says, ‘They’re mine.’” She then frowned and said, “I’m trying to hear what Jesus is saying about my other family member.”

I said, “He already told you, they’re mine. Not she’s mine.”

The woman wept for quite a while. I sang over her. During this, God reminded me to not let her go without praying for her knee. When she was done, the woman threw the piece of paper into the McDonald’s bag! I prayed for her knee quickly and she stood up, completely wrecked by everything God had done, and the pain was gone from her knees! 

(Side note: I also got to pray for the parents of the little toddler who first brought me down, which was incredible as well.) God is awesome. Haha.