Richie Seltzer

You cannot be rejected, you’re already accepted.
— Richie Seltzer


Richie Seltzer was dramatically saved while crossing a bridge in Yorktown, Virginia. Upon believing the gospel he devoted his life to fulfilling Jesus’s command to preach the gospel to all creation. As a missionary with YWAM he had several life altering encounters with God resulting in a lifestyle of power evangelism and supernatural ministry. He currently travels the world full time preaching the gospel. He is one of the Burning Ones, catalyst that God is raising up in the earth to equip the church for the harvest. He and his wife, Chelsea founded and pastored Imagine Church in Calgary, Alberta  through which they also pioneered Burning Ones, school of Fire. In 2017 they   moved to Mechanicsburg, PA where they currently live with their 3 kids. Richie’s passion is winning souls and training and equipping others to win souls. 

Never Settle