Does $15 cover all three days of the event?

Yes, the $15 you pay will cover the entire event.

Does my ticket cover my hotel accommodations?

No, you will need to make your own hotel arrangements. We do have a list of hotels that are located near the event venue. 


(These hotels listed are not in any type of partnership with Compassion to Action, and they do not have any type of package deals affiliated with Compassion to Action.)

If I buy a ticket, but only can go to part of a session and want to come back later can I do that?

Yes, if you buy a ticket you can go in and out of the event, on any of the days of the event.

If I buy a ticket for someone else under my name, do they have to be with me when we check into the event?

No, as long as they have a ticket they can enter, but it doesn’t matter what name the ticket was registered under.

If I am registered to volunteer at the event, do I still need to purchase a ticket?

Yes, even if you are volunteering, we need you to purchase your ticket ahead of time and have it ready when you arrive.